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A series of linear seating, packed with technological and upholstering expertise that demonstrates how research and craftsmanship have always been part and parcel of the company’s DNA.

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SEELA is the ideal combination of wood, a material that is part of Lapalma's DNA, and polypropylene. Versatile and light, its distinctive feature is an insert that follows the sinuous shapes of the frame, perfectly integrating with it. If offers many opportunities to customise, starting with the insert, which comes in wood, fabric upholstery or moulded polypropylene, the ideal solution for outdoor environments.

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This exotic stool is just what you need at the cocktail bar. Tiki is your friend even when the chairs and tables are moved aside to make space for the dance floor - simply stack it up!

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Cucun is a large floor lamp inspired by the simple and natural shapes of flowers, vegetables and bulbs. The particular structure in rotational polyethylene, with its surface texture and its ribs is a tribute to some icons of Italian design of the last century. Its design is ideal to create soft light effects. The classic polyethylene powder is mixed with special glass fibers that enhance the shapes of Cucun floor lamp. Cucun is suitable to decorate gardens and outdoor spaces. Thanks to its strong decorative presence, it is ideal to furnish both domestic and commercial areas.

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Lauki collection


The aesthetic subtlety of this collection draws you to it and invites you to touch and contemplate it. A thin half-centimeter frame envelopes the entire piece, outlining the push-to-open drawers that lend a touch of imagination and resolution to a design that is easy to admire yet difficult to materalise. The Lauki collection is made up of multiple boxes that can be arranged on the floor, piled on top of one another or hung from the wall. Moreover, these boxes are available in a wide range of different measurements, finishes and functions (drawers, doors, open modules, etc.), thus enabling you to create an endless variety of configurations to suit any room. For example, the same module can be used as a bedside table or an office drawer unit. With just a few different modules, you can design a solution for an entrance hall or any other room in the house. And by putting a larger number of them together, you can create a TV unit, sideboard or even a filing cabinet for the office.

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